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  Posted  June 25, 2009  by 

Last week was the first time we attempted Ignis within a heroic Uld run. We tried mostly the zerg method we use for 10 man (now complete with achievements for time) and it didn't work too well. Eventually Iggy just got a bit too buff and went terminator on us.

This week, on the heels of celebrating our first full on NERV 25 man Naxx and Uld since Christmapocalypse, we decided to try Ignis again after already clearing our way to the basement. We used the normal method for the first few attempts and we seemed to have an issue with a lot of raid damage going out. We did well but it still looked fairly bleak. Tanks still seemed to be getting caught off guard when the golems would go molten and run around. Not wanting to beat our heads against the wall too much longer, we decided on one more try with the zerg style and win or lose, go into the basement.

Sure enough, treating him like Gruul 2.0 worked again. Despite him killing me and then the subsequent tanks that moved in to get him, the remainder of the raid lived long enough to kill him the last 2 percent of his life. While we did not get heroic quick shave, we did pick up heroic nerf engineering and had another successful week of doing flame levi +1. With a bit of a quicker start (hopefully) next week, we'll work towards flame levi+2 and not letting razorscale take off twice.
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