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  Thorim gets the Rocky 3 treatment -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  June 1, 2009  by 

Last week, after killing Hodir for the 2nd time and downing Freya, there was only one clear objective left. Thorim needed to quit enjoying his fancy little fighting pit and die. Unfortunately for us, he went Clubber Lang on us the first few rounds.

In going to Hodir, the trash was fairly easy once you understood there needs to be a tank swap. After a blissfully short hallway, we stood looking at the Hodir arena while dwarves fought a big tundra worm. We went in with the typical line up except we happened to have 2 healers. It seemed the arena/hallway break down was going to be simple. Things are not always what they seem however.

First run, the tunnel group didn't switch side for the flame blasts properly. After that, the arena team had some issues. It went back and forth for a bit with us finding new and creative ways to die including people WTFPWNing themselves during the golem's shield that returns damage done. Finally, we made a change. My pally came in to heal the tunnel leaving TT and DrWolf to heal the arena. We took 4 in the tunnel and put 6 in the arena and adjusted the tanking spot for it. We also had Gero get his DK to AOE tank. These changes paved the way to downing Thorim for the first time and should make future fights with him incredibly simple.
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