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  2 for one sale in Uld -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  April 20, 2009  by 

2 bosses, one night. Last night's Uld was a great run. After just getting done doing some work on 25 man Razor, we went over to the bratty robot and proceeded to deconstruct his ass in a few attempts. We kept doing great work on the heart phases. Finally, on the kill attempt, he went from heart to heart with nothing but a few seconds in between. He came out of his last heart phase with a simple 8 or 9% left to whittle down. We wound up with about 1 min left on his enrage.

We went right over to Razorscale and brought with us the knowledge from the 20 man. Myself and T2 handled the adds pretty well (errant sentinels didn't do much damage). We dropped her down on her third land phase and then did the circle do-see-do. T2 piloting Disaster dropped leaving me to kite him the last 10% slower mud and highly crippled. The one shot attempt though was worth it. All aboard the progression train!
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