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Nervous System -- News
  Amidst Blizzard's shenanigans, NERV prevails -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  April 16, 2009  by 

A day late but fortunately, not a dollar short. This new 3.1 patch has been a nightmare in terms of progression. Not only has there been some confusing info on the first boss but we haven't actually been able to fight him properly until last night.

We drunkenly staggered in there on Tuesday after getting plastered with dual specs and addon issues along with servers being delayed about 7 hours. We passed through the gauntlet of dwarves, giants and machines to finally hit the boss. The first attempt got me locked out. After that we had 2 more before people left due to lateness. A 10 man formed afterwards fell to pieces after the instance server didn't let people back on.

Another 10 man attempt Weds night met with the same fate until we discovered 25 man Uld worked. We hastily got people together and gave it a shot. On our 2nd try, the boss died perfectly and we got our first Uld loot.
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