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Nervous System -- News
  And the last of tier 5 has fallen. -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  November 7, 2008  by 

To go along with our great success in Hyjal and the progression we made in Black Temple, we round out our TBC raiding in recent weeks with kills on Kael and now Vashj. In typical NERV fashion, we did things backwards yet again. We killed Kael first who is considered more of a technically complicated fight. Both bosses at one time were considered guild killers in the amount of effort, blood and sweat required to kill them.

We hadn't attempted Kael pre-nerf but we had poked at Vashj once before in the early summer. Mostly it seems like the biggest phase hit for her fight was phase 3. The nerf doesn't seem to really play around with the first 2 phases. We tried working on her Tuesday night, made solid progress each attempt. We came back on Weds and finished her off for good. Many NERV members got their vials and sexy rings including one sad, bear druid (block . pft. DPS ring it is then). Congrats to all NERV for killing both bosses in such quick succession.

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