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  For all his friends and weapons, he still died! -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  November 3, 2008  by 

For all his friends and animated weapons, Kaelthas still couldn't fight us off for too long.

We went in and fought him for the first time on Thursday. We've cleared TK a few times in the past but haven't tried to fight Kael and we've simply avoided TK as a whole lately. Al'ar had been bumming us out despite us doing well on Lewtreaver and Solarian. We cleared all 3 bosses very quickly on Thursday but when we got to Kael, it was late and raiders started dropping. We took a few shots, learned about the phases and made some headway.

Last night we went back in and dealt with the trash before him. We got set to face him and we had one of those nights you're always happy to see facing a new boss. There was definite progress made each attempt. We picked up the weapons better than Thursday night, dealt with the all 4 adds phase better too. From there, each attempt made further and further progress into getting Kael himself down. Finally, after respawns had hit, raiders swapped in and out and the night was about to close with us isolated in his chambers, Kael dropped with 90% of the raid up and it looked like child's play. This marks the first tier5 raid boss we've killed and it netted a number of people the Kael vial. We plan to send Vashj to a watery grave soon and get us some Scale of the Sands rep rings.

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