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Nervous System -- News
  He farts, he blows bubbles, he dies. -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  June 27, 2008  by 

Classified as one of the most healing intensive fights in all of SSC, we beat down the sea strider's ass last night and he begged for more.

Not exactly 5th in the order of bosses in SSC, we had been treating him as such. A lot of guilds will do Morogrim before Leo but NERV being NERV . . we decided to bang our heads against the annoying blind dude first. After clearing everybody out of the way the other night, we went back in last night to finish off the last guy before Vashj.

The dude has a TON of hitpoints. He's not a rough fight in terms of 18 things to do or anything but it's an intense fight for healers. Watery graves that hurt people, earthquakes, murlocs, and bears oh my! Gdinero (on Morogrim) and Tofu (on the murlocs) got low a few times but the healers did an awesome job keeping focused. Few battle rezes and innervates later and Morogrim fell over like a farting pile of bricks. Excellent job folks as this now makes us 5/6 and 3/4!

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