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Nervous System -- News
  From the ashes . . . -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  May 13, 2008  by 

. . rises another NERV kill. Tonight, Al'ar's firey essence was snuffed out. Kael's favorite pet fall down and go boom . . and apparently Bloodhoof with him.

So we took a few shots on him using a method we'd been trying on him for a week or so. Phase 1 was going well but 2 was always sketchy. If one thing went wrong with an Al'ar tank or Tofu tanking upwards of 8-10 adds, the attempt came to a crashing halt. So, after a quick little officer discussion, we decided to pay heed to the advice we'd been hearing from some people for awhile. We tried it once differently and voila . . dead birdy.

But what about the server you ask? Just as Al'ar died, BH started going into the crapper. It took about 10 minutes for everybody to get their badges and another 10 for the 3 pieces of loot to go out. Thankfully, everybody got the loot they were looking for. 2 pulls to VR showed us that tonight was not going to be the night to try him again due to the hamsters running Bloodhoof getting anal tumors again.

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