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Nervous System -- News
  NERV begins phase 2 of Karazhan! -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  June 20, 2007  by 

Last night marked the first since since the late winter that NERV has run 2 groups into the guild destroying Karazhan. While NERV has survived the blender that is the 10 man instance, it sure has created its fair share of guild issues.

Prior to the creation of the guild Sparta, NERV had attempted to run 2 groups into Karazhan. While it had moderate success, we were eventually proven we did not have enough redundancy to handle it. Despite coming off routine 20 and 40 man raids, staffing for 2 Karazhan's is not like staffing for a 20 man AQ.

With the addition of many key classes in the recent months such as tanks and healers, NERV felt ready to tackle 2 new challenges. Gruul's Lair and 2 Karazhan groups. Would we have enough to maintain 2 groups with key spots being filled? Could they both be staffed to allow for nearly equal chances of success and progress?

Last night, on a reset of Karazhan, NERV tackled the first hurdle - we sent 2 groups in at the same time. Both groups met with huge success in their own rights. Team Shenanigans made their way through past Curator in one night. Lao apparently had a stellar night picking up healing gauntlets and tier 4 gear. The group moved along at a good clip until Romulo and Julianne gave them some grief. Team Bucket, named for Reboot's favorite Mister Bucket, loped along a little slower. Some earlier issues in the stables caused a reclear but the group handled everything thrown at it. Accidental adds and unplanned for elites did not deter the party from downing the first 2 bosses and setting themselves up for Maiden and more tonight.

Congratulations to both teams on a very successful and hopefully long term experience within NERV.
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