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Nervous System -- News
  Yet another good week in Karazhan! -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  April 22, 2007  by 
NERV finally seems to be hitting its own stride within this 10 man instance. After going back and forth between multiple ways of approaching the instance, we finally hit upon what works for the instance.

This week was a tremendous week in there. We accelerated quickly having relatively easy times with Moroes and Maiden for a change. After downing Maiden, we ran over to the Opera stage not really planning on fighting anybody that night. Rather we just wanted to see was up for us this week. It turned out that it was the Wizard of Oz/Crone event. DJ quickly got out the strats, we setup who was doing what to whom and we started. Despite the initial hectic start that always happens when it is your first Opera of the week *AND* it is the Crone one, we settled in and waxed the stage with the traveling foursome and their elder enemy with just one shot. Soon after, Curator beat us down with not quite enough DPS to pass him. The loss of a lock's Curse of Doom and my insistence on 2 tanks crippled the attempt. On Saturday, a new plan was hatched and NERV executed it in 3 attempts.

Congratulations to all who participated this week. It goes along way for boosting our morale and our recruiting powers. I'd like to dedicate this awesome past week to those who've been unable to attend due to PC, RL issues and to those who've hung up (hopefully temporarily) their WoW gloves. We all hope you can join us again soon.
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