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Nervous System -- News
  Down to just Gul'dan's Spicy Fel Mustard! -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  May 1, 2017  by 

On the last raid in April, NERV forged ahead and not only killed heroic Botanist that we were working on but Spellblade and Elisandre too. H-Spellblade had vexed us quite a bit a few weeks ago when we initially were trying her. After Botanist died, we gave her a shot and we pretty much murdered little miss spell-stabby. After that, there was nothing left to do other than Elisandre. Despite a few wipes, we learned from our mistakes on the fight and were able to kill her in under 5 tries. The only thing left now is heroic Gul'dan and then we will be completely cleared to do Tomb when it drops in June.
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