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Nervous System -- News
  NERV turns Botanist into mulch. Now 8/10 -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  February 23, 2017  by 

After a brief attempt on him a week ago, we rolled up to Botanist last night as our first boss of the night. Most of us are a bit more familiar with him now. Seker laid out the placement of the group and we took our first shot on him. It proved to be a disaster as the dispels were handled wrong (not that they knew) which got us over run by Dire Maul flashback plant attacks. Once we figured out the dispel component, the next attempt was super easy. It was a bit of a pain tanking when 3 versions of him were up because I had a hard time trying to find the one who was still putting out the recursive strikes. All other aspects of the fight were great and we didn't have much issue at all on our way to a 2 shot kill.
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