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Nervous System -- News
  Who needs one shot, one kill? We got double that! -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  December 4, 2014  by 

OKay so the first night went so well, the instance was actually scared of us. Poor little Highmaul refused to let NERV get onto the server and raid its coffers. By the second night, HM finally decided it wasn't scared but it certainly paid for its arrogance.

Since we couldn't raid the first night of the instance's releases, we were pretty psyched and eager to get in there on the second night. We walked into the raid and pushed through the first little miniboss (aka trash pack). From there Kargath (he of Shattered Halls fame) dropped in. In one rather easy shot, he dropped in the middle of his arena. While the heals did start feeling stressed at the end, it was a rather easy fight with no major issues.

From there, the raid moved onto the second fight of the night which is The Butcher. The BUtcher is somewhat like Patchwerk Version 2.0 with some extra bells and whistles. This one is mostly about the tanks doing their job at living through shit as best they can. Fortunately, that's exactly what we did and yet another boss dropped loot.

After the first 2 bosses, we moved onto an optional boss basically named Fungus Up in Yo Ass. This guy proved he was not going to be as easy as the first 2 and effectively shut us down for the remainder of the night. This fight truly is one of those ones where every sheep needs to do its job and all of our cylinders really need to fire properly for us to down him.
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