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  Pride before the fall -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  October 18, 2013  by 

After finally getting past the annoying hump that was Norushen, we had a feeling the Sha of Pride was going to be fairly easy and hopefully a push over. Not wanting to give into our own pride (see what I did there), we approached this fight with cautious optimism right after killing Noru and hoped we'd put this guy down quickly too. It wasn't a very hard fight but we still took a few attempts o get it right.

When we fought this guy on flex, it was a fairly simplistic fight. It basically uses Blizzard's heartbeat style which has come up plenty of times before. In, out. In, out. Clump, spread. Clump, spread. The biggest issue was making sure the proper people removed the debuffs. Second to that was managing people's pride levels and having everybody handle things the right way if it got too high. We had some extremely close attempts at the start including one of those GO TANK LAST GUY LEFT moments but of course, the imprison always ruins that. Sha did die after only a very few, almost always good attempts. He provided us with another warforged item which went to Sinful. Sin had been hoping for a weapon and his waiting was paid in spades. This was the second warforged item that dropped with the first being pants that went to Belli. The next hurdle will be Gala and after that, our work on the flex versions of these bosses should pay off heavily.
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