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Nervous System -- News
  Finally, we passed the test and were cleansed -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  October 17, 2013  by 

Despite the rather good momentum of our early SoO progress, NERV hit a rut for sometime past the Protectors on the live version of the raid. Our flex had been moving along with steady progress even going so far as to put us within range of killing the Dark Shaman. Meanwhile on live, raider comings and goings left us facing the spectre of our ToT heroics all over again. Norushen tested people's gear and performance and no matter how close we did or didn't get, we couldn't pass the test...until last night.

Last night, NERV tackled this fight with both hope and the feeling of our backs against the wall. Anybody remember the wall boss from the Final Fantasy game where it continued to push closer and closer to you until you killed it or died trying? That was the pressure we felt. Early on, the hopes were high as we got deep into the post 50% area including a wipe around 10% or so. The next few attempts were Murphy's Law. If it could go wrong, it did. It was easy to tell we were trying hard to keep the faith and build on the near kill we had. Fortunately, we got our act together and finally got back around the 15% mark or so. Everybody was still alive and healthy and things seemed to go well. G asked how I was doing on the boss. Despite being above the normal 5 stacks, I figured I should just stay and used my purified DPS on him. I was also afraid to swap just as an add was going to pop. The 10% add popped and it was tanked off to the side. Surprisingly, nobody died and the enrage was still looking good. Thankfully, things continued to go well and we put him down with a really solid push. It wasn't quite one of those kills that felt like we'd been killing it for weeks but it was definitely ground for believing that it will die during any future week coming up.
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