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Nervous System -- News
  Protectors, protectors we all fall down -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  September 12, 2013  by 

2 nights, 2 new bosses. Certainly not the most horrible start we could imagine for this new raid. Unlike the first boss, these guys died in a more normal way without the lucky actions of a hunter.

We started working on the protectors Tuesday night after the crazy Immerseus kill. We got a little bit of time on them, enough to learn the fight but not enough to feel 100% comfortable. We started back on them last night. We had a moment where we considered NERV-ifing the strats slightly as we realized I was tasked to burn cooldowns twice in a row (tanking the mark fully and then staying out of the bubble). The laid out strats stuck as we simply dealt with the fact that I didn't have much in the tank to be outside Sun's anti-magic zone bubble. Unlike Immerseus, once we got used to all the abilities and random contingencies, we didn't have too much bouncing in terms of our progress. We adapted to anything crazy we saw and kept pushing them further. After seeing where we needed to focus more healing and DPS, we changed the lust from being used against Rook's adds to being used against the mark of anguish. The second time we faced the mark, not having the lust meant nothing as we did a great group fighting through it. Oddly enough, we went from like a 2 boss embodied attempt to a straight up kill. We had a bit of a scare when we clumped them for the burn down and saw that the panda heal was starting but we had no idea who was still up. We looked around frantically for who was the last one to kill. I think Softfoot was still sitting there but because he was still and his life bar was so low, we thought at first he was "dead" but doing some kind of after fight emote. Turns out he was still very much alive and we needed to do a bit more damage to him. We spent the next 1/2 of the night proving ourselves to Norushen to various comical ends.
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