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Nervous System -- News
  1 week, 2 bosses -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  April 12, 2013  by 

Last week's reset saw us downing Ji'Kun to hit the halfway mark on normal mode ToT. Sunday night saw us squaring off against Durumu of the one eyed gaze. With his rainbow eye beams and shadow maze of fuck off, he beat us despite several late attempts coming VERY close. We had maybe thought of a Monday emergency group but it didn't pan out. Fortunately, we killed him for the first time on Wednesday. Blizzard made some slight alterations to how the eye beam of death and the maze were handled. While it did favor us, it took us a time or two to adjust to how that phase went. Durumu suffered a sizable poke in the eye and we spent Thursday working on Primordius.

For the Thursday night delight, we worked on the aberration known as Primordius. This Smeagle-esque experiment was a saurok that the mogu left behind in their mutation pools. We initially approached this fight with the LFR style in mind-kite, turn into a lizard, ??, profit. Large progress was made but we wondered if there was a different way. We tried a burn method but the RNG god said nope.avi to that mess. We then tried a modified burn style with him brought to a gate and 2 DPSers getting mutated. This was slightly less of a debacle but still not quite amazing. A return to the normal style of working this boss yielded a kill and we're now 8/12 inside ToT. This ties us with Tribe for the 2nd most progressed horde guild and we're still the #1 most progressed 10 man horde guild on the server. In all categories, we have a clear margin before stragglers catch up. We return to ToT on Sunday to work on the enigma that is Dark Animus.
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