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  See the turtle of enormous girth... -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  March 20, 2013  by 

Kicking his turtle friends with our boots, on Sunday night he died and dropped the loots.

Over the weekend, we managed to remove the imposing Tortos from blocking our path further into the cave area of the Throne of Thunder. IN between Thursday's and Sunday's attempts, the idea had come up to try and two heal the fight. This style adds an extra DPS on the boss and some extra on the bat adds. I started off working on the bats again but my once every 2 minutes self heal wasn't helping the ranged healer keep me above the danger zone with those bats doing a vampire leech. I switched to the boss himself and we started making progress. The 70 something percent attempts from Thursday turned into 40 somethings. Eventually we managed to get him down to about 28%. Snapping bites provided tough to overcome for a bear tank when a 2 heal method is used. While I could dodge most of them, if a huge bite hit during heavy damage like the rockfalls, it proved to be a very dangerous combination. I dropped to let Acandria's monk come in and give it a try.

Thinking possibly leather might be the issue on the boss, we tried 2 shots with Acandria on the bats. Similar to me, it was a rough combo and G had already been doing a very good job on the bats anyways. G and Acandria switched putting Acandria on the boss. Tortos got extremely low and was about to die but so was the raid. With just a few people left alive, the remaining raiders too him down and cracked his shell open for loot. This puts us at 4/12 on normal and just a hair off the pace for staying tied for second on horde side progression.
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