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  Have we gotten Gara'jal off our backs now? -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  March 15, 2013  by 

God I hope so. It wasn't enough that I we beat him in MV both on heroic and normal but he has to reappear in ToT and give us more shit. This time around, Gara'jal is dead but is trying to help a few troll, tribe leaders put the hurt on us. Putting the hurt on us they did for a little bit but we got our revenge this week.

The council of of troll annoyances in TOT is the third fight in. It features 4 different troll representatives with different abilities. Gara'jal is still pissed at us so he'll randomly posses one of the council members and it will gain some buffed abilities. We'd gotten beaten up by them a little bit on Tuesday but had a nearly glorious attempt that saw 3 of the 4 dead with the final one down to about 3%. I watched as everybody around me died and thought I died too. No heroics here though. I wasn't destined to live much longer either. No more attempts that night wound up going well. We came back on Weds. fully renewed and went after them again. A few attempts in, everything clicked and we put all of them down. A surprise cut scene awaited us and we fell underground to face some annoying trash and our next boss Tortos.
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