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Nervous System -- News
  1 week, 2 heroic bosses. -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  January 21, 2013  by 

Last raid week, NERV got up to Sha fairly quickly in Terrace. We did a little work on him but realized he's still going to be a pain. With HoF cleared, Terrace cleared up to what we wanted, there was only one thing left to do. Progress!

NERV packed the van up and headed over to MSV to try some heroics out. On the first night, heroic dogs were killed fairly easily and we moved onto Feng. Feng proved to be a stumbling block as our tactics were slightly off and he came out victorious. On Sunday night, we went back at him with some strats revised and a ton of slows and stuns. A botched pull by me and several twitchy AOE bubbles later, Feng died during an attempt that we couldn't believe no spirits hit his shield. He threw a short one due to some chaos after recovering from a mistimed bubble, We jumped on the adds super fast and he couldn't heal. Fire phase marked a quick death for him. From there, we worked on heroic Elegon a bit and got the achievement on Garaj'al. The decisions to be made for our progression bosses from here out are going to start getting tough but the results are plainly visible with us sitting #4 horde side and within the top 10 overall on Bloodhoof.

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