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Nervous System -- News
  The fat lady sings....well, fat after the Sha gets in her. -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  January 13, 2013  by 

Sing. Sing in ago....*hack wheeze cough*. After working on the Empress for a few nights, we finally shut her down last week. When we walked in on the night we killed her, the very first attempt was a near work of art. She looked a good 30X different than the previous attempts on her. Granted, we did find one or two things we were doing wrong before we attempted her that night. A big key was to ensure enough little adds stayed alive to create two traps. We didn't ALWAYS do so hot with this but we managed some very solid tries and then we finally killed her. We certainly look to replicate this again tomorrow provided the big, fat tick doesn't prove to be too much of annoyance. Her and Ambershaper felt like they were both about the same difficulty. Nothing too ahrd to do, just tweaking some of the minor nuances of the fight.
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