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Nervous System -- News
  NERV disarms the Blade Lord-cracks the top 5 -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  December 1, 2012  by 

After coming close, but not close enough during the previous raid, NERV went back to face the Blade Lord in HoF on Thursday night and successfully killed him. It wasn't the prettiest thing on this earth, but hey, it counted Very

For a little over 2 raids now, we've been trying to figure out the best way to handle the Blade Lord. Was it going to be a 2 or 3 heal fight? We tried a few times at 3 heals but it felt like it as a bit too much. We hit the enrage once or twice but the big issues was living in the final stretch. On Thursday, we tweaked it down to 2 heals and it seems okay. We kept getting into the second hallway run but usually wound up too weak to take him down. Finally, one attempt saw me burning everything I had to stay alive and he died with me and a few others up. From there, we proceeded to start thumping on Garalon's shell. We've made some nice progress but our strats on him require more tweaking to work.

In a surprising, and very unexpected bonus, our Blade Lord kill enabled NERV to take a huge leap frog on the Wowprogress standings. A bunch of us expected little movement from the kill but it put us in the top 5 horde side. With just another boss or so, NERV is looking to be one of the top 10 guilds on the server and hopefully start a run of our most solid progression ever.
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