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Nervous System -- News
  NERV serves up 2 pre-Thanksgiving turkeys -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  November 29, 2012  by 

The week before Thanksgiving provided us with a bountiful harvest of dead bosses and progression stuffing. In the space of one night, NERV cleared out Mogushan Vaults with a kill on Will of the Emporers and then proceeded to make Imperial Vizier Zor'lok choke on his own screeching.

Twin Emps in MV wasn't giving us too much difficulty but it was still proving to be a tough fight. Coming off killing Elegon, we felt this fight paled in comparison but it still provided a solid challenge. Tanks were getting plowed at times and staying ahead of the enrage was proving to be a bit tricky. With the edition of some talented folks from the now defunct Flurry, we survived their fart gas and wrapped MV up.

After killing all of the bosses in MV, we moved over to the evil, cricket infested Heart of Fear and tried to see how well we'd do. There had been some discussion on whether or not we should dip into HoF before fulling clearing out MV but this was no longer a question. After making our way through some mantid trash and dealt with their Yaungol slaves, we got to the first boss. We planned out who would hang out in what Epcot Center domes, blew all of our annoying crowd control spells and played some twisted ring-around-the-rosie with Zor'lok's sonic discs. Without too much effort, he died and we proceeded up to the newest tornado boss.

Blade Lord Ta'yak is proving to be a bit annoying and we're looking forward to getting him down soon as we've gotten him below 10%
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