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  No batteries needed in our Gara'Jal door opener -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  October 29, 2012  by 

After attempting this guy multiple times, we'd begun to find out this guy was going to be one of those boss fights where nothing can go wrong at all. All DPS needed to stay alive and all healers needed to be at top level. Any time a totem cross over got messed up, there was going to be big problems. DPS needed to be at max level not do anything wrong at all. He some what reminded me of the Curator back in KZ. Basically, he feels like that mid-instance stop gap.

When we fought him on Thursday, it felt completely night and day from previous attempts. Everything felt right from the start and the fight was going smoothly. Aside from having max DPS, no totem issues occurred and everybody did their jobs perfectly. Whereas previously the enrage had been a factor, this time things went great. The week saw us closing in on the Spirit Kings but unfortunately the maddening shout guy kept ruining our fun. We should definitely have him next time as we were very close but one of our healers had to go early due to an emergency.
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