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Nervous System -- News
  The MoP progression begins! -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  October 19, 2012  by 

This week marks the first week of NERV's real progress inside Mogu Vaults. We started work on MV in previous weeks but had a few issues making it past the dogs. We were trying to get our feet under us but MoP dropped at a busy time for several people. This caused a few issues early on but seems to have greatly settled in this week.

The first night of raiding this week yielded a nice kill on the Guardians. We faced the jade, cobalt and amethyst dogs this week and did not have to worry about the jasper chains. The next night saw a Feng kill from the above screenshot and work began on Gara'jal. This fight seems to be a stumbling point for a lot of guilds at the moment. You have to figure out the best way to deal with the masks in the other realm and also get good DPS time in on the boss. If you favor the boss, the masks will eventually get out of control and overwhelm the raid and the healers. If you really slaughter those masks, the boss gets less DPS time and you face enrage timer issues. Striking the right balance is going to be a key factor in getting over this hump.

Despite the somewhat slow start to MoP raiding, the full push is on now and I expect next week to bring continued results inside MV as we push further in.
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