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  NERV kicks Blackhorn off the boat . . .heroically -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  June 7, 2012  by 

Ahhh heroic Blackhorn. This fight has vexxed us for some time now. We've been attempting him for weeks and have put a lot of work into him. He's just simply been a bastard of a fight.

Unlike a lot of other fights in DS both heroic and not, this one has given us a lot of trouble and has been one of the few that we've spent a long time on. Things can go wrong on this fight in a heartbeat and it takes, at least at first, a rather ideal group. This fight works best with a high ranged group and one in which the ranged does great DPS. Sadly, our make up lately has had issues with that last DPS slot or 2 and we've been short on ranged. While high DPS does make the fight, other mechanics come into play. Taking small purples, preventing deck fire, killing sappers . . . all of this created a very hectic fight. We rolled up to him on Tuesday with one of the best groups on paper that we could throw on him. After an attempt or 2, Lep had to go and Zoe came in. Shortly after, he died in a very solid attempt that made the weeks prior seem almost trivial.
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