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Nervous System -- News
  NERV kicks Trixxie in the taint and gets a Blazing -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  March 9, 2012  by 

Wow. Certainly great to finally get back on the heroic track. We've been stalled at 1/8 for weeks and not for lack of trying either. We just haven't had the right people on at the right times to think about doing Morchok again or anything else. This week, we finally got fed up with waiting and mushed on the best we could.

The week started with us flying right up to the skittles boss and then slapping it on heroic. Sadly, he proved a bit too much for us this time as healers needed to adjust and we lacked our DK tank which makes the fight a lot easier. We bid a sad farewell to him on heroic and proceeded on normal up to Trixxie. With our small amount of attempts on Tuesday, we adjusted to the changes on heroic and did okay-ish. We spent all night on him Weds and it was miserable. Murphy's law was in full effect with messed up button pushers, DCs, not being classified as a tank because I was battle rezzing . . .etc. With clear heads we came back against him tonight and had an awesome night. The first attempt saw him nearly dead but when an extra hour occurred so late in the fight, people were too focused on pushing him and we didn't have 2 soakers staying out. We hit a snag or 2 on the next few but finally got around to the strength of the near kill and put him down. Our hard work was paid off in spades later in the night when Wizza secured our first Blazing Drake to go along with G's crazy purple Experiment Drake. Grats to us for 2/8 and taking a massive jump in position.

As our own DW attempts were going on, DP got the realm first Heroic DW tonight a little before we wrapped out own night up with another blazing DW kill. Looks like DP won the battle with Pariah. It was nice to see the competition internal to the horde instead of it being horde/ally.
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