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Nervous System -- News
  NERV finishes up week#2 with 7/8 dead in DS -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  December 12, 2011  by 

Well would you look at that. The second full week of Dragon Soul ends with us getting Blackhorn on Thursday and Deathwing's spine on Sunday night. NERV is now sitting one boss away from completing the instance with one of the fastest raid clears in our history.

As has been said before, while the first 3-4 bosses maybe somewhat easy, the next 4 are not by any stretch. Aside from hitting mechanics spot on, they are also tests of class skills like high DPS and excellent healing. The fun starts with Trixxie and ends when Deathwing is laid to rest a fter dealing with his madness.

Thursday saw us getting a good kill on the DS version of gunship. Despite the similar moniker to the ICC gunship, this one is far from a cake walk and is no lootship by any stretch. The fight is tough with sometimes 2-3 things going on at once. On the surface it might look easy but all cylinders need to fire properly to get this fight done.

Sunday was dedicated to Deathwing's spine. We waited a little bit for 2 tanks to be online but the rest was in place which was nice for a Sunday. We got out to DS and picked up where we left off from our attempt or 2 on Thursday night. The LFR sets you up for the basic CONCEPT of this fight but not all the dance steps are in place. Unlike the LFR, you do need to use the barrel roll mechanic but a lot of the other steps are the same. Progress was steady throughout the night as we continually pushed closer to the third plate. In typical NERV raiding fashion, the last attempt or 2 of the night wound up being the kill and was one of the best attempts all night. While we won't resume the ID as we all want the gear, we're prepped to begin work on Deathwing's face this week and hopefully be 8/8 very soon.
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