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Nervous System -- News
  NERV ends week#1 in DS with 5/8 -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  December 5, 2011  by 

The first heavy challenge of the instance presented itself in the form of a twilight drake named Ultraxion. Despite whatever challenges other twilight drakes have given us, he is the only one Deathwing believes is worth a shit and this praise has lifted him to a lofty perch. On Sunday night, NERV knocked him off this pedestal and gave him a taste of mortality.

Since the start of Cata, this is one of the few fights were it was a truly, good old fashioned, DPS race with butty healing needed at the end to boot. Also different from the rest of the instance, this fight is not just a "get mechanic right, loot boss" type situation. Not only do you need to still do a mechanic, you need to be a great DPSer and work with some buff pots to ensure a nice cushion. Our progress with Trixxie accelerated in an instant on Sunday night and clicked over from being a rough fight to nearly down in one attempt. We pushed on to midnight and finally got him down with a really great attempt. After that, we paid a brief visit to the gunship battle but really had no clue what to do yet.

Opening up 3/8 in the first night in DS and finishing week 1 at 5/8 keeps us right in the thick of things on the server and hopefully we add another boss or 2 this week.
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