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Nervous System -- News
  NERV rockets up to #14 on Bloodhoof -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  November 30, 2011  by 

On the backs of our first night in Dragon Soul, NERV is currently the #14 guild overall on Bloodhoof and the fourth guild horde side. For the first time in awhile, and certainly a rare occasion overall, we hit a new instance WITHOUT a large amount of lag and addon issues in the first night. There were SOME addon problems but nothing too major and there was not much lag going on. This certainly was not like the Ulduar opening night . . or week for that matter.

With a good amount of knowledge coming in from Haken and Mono (based on an LFR raid and looking the fights up respectively), we marched through the first 3 bosses in DS last night without an amazing amount of trouble. The first boss was pretty easy and it resulted in an amazing one shot. We're talking true one shot here, not a BDS one Smile After Morchok died, we entered the temple and picked our next path from there. We went over to Warlord Zon'ozz fist and got him down. He took about 7 tries before he finally gave up the loot. This guy was interesting in his tennis match mechanics. Find the proper amount of ball bouncing you want to do, rinse and repeat.

The last boss of the night that we faced was Yor'Sahj. We like to call him the skittles boss. This guy, in the above screenshot, likes to spawn 3 slimes at a time. Each slime has its own effect on the boss when it hits him. You need to pick which one to kill and deal with the rest. A green/red/yellow combo seemed to be what was doing us in. Despite some issues, we killed him in only 4 shots and called it a night.

Grats to NERV on their solid progression the first night in dsoul!
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