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  Another week, another heroic boss -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  November 12, 2011  by 

Last week we added Shannox to the growing wall of heroic bosses dying in Firelands. This week we killed him again (and MUCH easier) and we added Majordomo Staghelm for good measure.

We worked on domo a bit last week. It's a 2 heal fight which is a bit jarring to our usual 3 healing of Firelands. In the first week that we did this fight, we discovered quickly both healers need to have nearly mirrored output or we're going to have issues. We did well with a few attempts getting domo nearly down, but not close enough for a kill.

Learning from our attempts last week, we had a fresh night on him on Weds. It took quite a few tries but we did kill him. Several of the attempts were good and lasted nearly ten minutes. Fortunately, the DPS was always where it needed to be so it was just a matter of nailing down the mechanics of the right.
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