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  Fetch me a coffin-I'm dead -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  November 2, 2011  by 

Alas poor Shannox we knew him well. Okay well, actually we didn't. We haven't really fought heroic Shannox a whole lot. It might seem that was as we've got quite a few weeks between us and the first Rag kill, but we haven't spent a whole lot of game time on heroic Shannox in the grand scheme of things.

Our attempts on him since the Ragnaros kill have been fairly solid. We typically get him into the 30-40% range but usually one thing or another happened. After being away last week, I had some time to envision a tweak to the strats that might work for him. We kept doing well last night but not quite good enough to kill him. Eventually, we had a 14% attempt and we knew he was going to die last night. A small tweak to the strats by Fern pushed us over the edge for getting him killed. We played to the strength of our group make-up and Fern had Sol disarm traps and Lep run them over with AMS on to soak the damage. Despite G dying towards the end and leaving Riplimp to run rampant, we pushed SHannox heavily and got our first heroic kill and a crystal shard.
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