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  The night they drove ol' Domo down -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  September 21, 2011  by 

Well he's not the REAL domo. We did that one 5 years ago. This domo is Ragnaros' new bodyguard, the corrupted flame druid known as Majordomo Staghelm.

The kill of domo was a long time coming. Okay so maybe not a REALLY long time but at least a few weeks worth. We arrived at the doorstep to the citadel many weeks ago on the night Baleroc was killed for the first time. We pushed and pushed and got him somewhat closed to death at 20 some odd percent but it was never in heartbreak territory. Subsequent weeks of Firelands were a mix of doing 5 bosses in one night (see post below) and setting up a booth in the Derpsville State Fair like last week. This week, the Firelands nerf hit and we steamrolled (*unlike* the post below says) the FL bosses right up to domo. We had enough time on Alys to sing kumbaya around the camp fire with the baby birds dying incredibly fast. The new style of doing Bale that I picked up last week was very easy especially when combined with the current nerf. Then, it was domo time.

I'm going to go on record and say I think the FL nerf is a bit too much. Maybe because we'd been a group of skilled raiders all along and it was derps causing havoc last week but these nerfs feel like somebody sundered FL content by 50 stacks. Our only issue until domo was a pull somebody stumbled into near Rhy. Domo himself stank of being an easy fight as we got there. One wipe was legit due to a seeded person dying to a cleave. Two were due to blown transitions with scorp to kitty for one and kitty to scorp for another. On the fourth attempt, domo flamed no more and we cleared the trash to Rag. I can see how good groups will likely never even see the orb mechanic of the fight. A simple bloodlust should push most guilds into scorp->kitty->human->scorp->kitty and then death or a very quick scorpion. Pushing stacks to a 10-6-6 pattern would likely make most kills in the second kitty.

I agree with wolf that Blizz would not be prone to unnerfing content but I still think it was a tad much. I'd wager Rag to be dead very soon which was pave the way for interesting raid weeks if Rag dies on the second night most weeks.
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