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  Whiskey tango foxtrot to base-the eagle has landed -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  August 15, 2011  by 

Well over 30 attempts were put in on this particular boss and it has finally paid off. it didn't feel quite as high as 30+ because it was spread out over multiple nights and some of the attempts can end fast, but that's what it was. At least 30+ attempts at fighting her on record.

Last Thursday was perhaps our most involved night of working on her. After a somewhat wipe-ish night on Baleroc the night before, we swatted the bird for a meager 5 attempts before calling it. The next night we put in 15. This is where the bulk of our Alys work seems to lay for me. During the 15 attempt night, it was mostly one of 2 things causing us to die. Tornado failures and healers adjusting to sudden spikes in tank damage were our biggest stumbling block. Eventually, the healing got sorted out but most people's jobs in this fight are too crucial for them to die. The fledglings will kill anything that isn't a tank, it is too heal intensive to lose even one, the bird flier does a massive amount of damage on her in the air and DPS has no redundancy on the ground. The loss of even one DPS results in an extremely bad domino affect. Druids don't get interrupted and Fieroblast the raid which eventually overwhelms the healers.

Despite the 15 attempts on Thursday with varying degrees of success, it only took us 3 attempts on Sunday to actually down her. Despite losing another person permanently on a tornado fail, Alys stayed down on the ground while we burned her for the last bit. If she had taken off again, we might have been dealing with a more dicey situation. Provided heals and tanks work together effectively for enraged birds and people are no longer removed from the fight due to tornado fails, we should be able to continue killing her easy. We moved on from her to Majordomo and took about 12 attempts on him last night. Our best attempt was 27% and it looks like he should be killable soon.
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