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Nervous System -- News
  Shh! Tip-toe across the dragon's corpse. He might hear you. -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  July 22, 2011  by 

Unlike the Halfus kill which happened fairly quickly in terms of amount of attempts, Atramedes made it so we had a score to settle. We'd been trying him on and off over multiple runs in BWD ever since Nef started getting farmed. We knew the mechanics were close to the same as the normal mode. Even though the obnoxious fiend is annoying and new to the heroic mode, more often than not, high sound coupled with high damage going out was the issue. The last BWD Saturday pug that was run, we came close to killing heroic Atramedes but ran out of gongs at around 20%. That gave me a light at the end of the tunnel seeing puggers (with 2 DPS dead) get that close. Hopes were high and we weren't disappointed as we had one gong left for a final searing flame and managed to push him to death in what seemed like a slow final 10%.
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