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Nervous System -- News
  Looks like NERV is at it again! -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  May 13, 2011  by 

Just them good ol' heads. Never meanin' no harm. Been causing troubles in the twilight since the day they was born. Making their way, they only way they know how. Festering blood and summonin' adds was all NERV would allow.

Hot on the heels of Tuesday's Nefarion kill, we plopped our raid pants back on and made our way to the bottom of Twilight Bastion on Weds. It wasn't the best group in the world for Cho'Gall but it allowed us to clear to him and even take the opportunity to teach some new people the fight with a practice pull.

A little bit ago, we'd been working on Cho'Gall and it was like dick surgery. Hot potato tank droppage, interrupt derps, worship derps, add derps, blood derps, derps a'hoy cookies with herp chunks. A beacon of light shone in the distance and it was our speed clears of BWD. So we said let's try Nefarion instead of walking out of BWD early. Nef attempts were good so we shifted focus. On a quicker and more steady pace, Nef died without tremendous work on him. With him dead this week, the vast openness of the raid week loomed. There was only one thing to do, kill fatty two heads.

Thursday night saw the epitome of an ideal group. Solid tanks with knowledge of each others roles (add tank, Cho'Gall tank), great heals with back ups, and talented DPS with 3 slows (Mono, Ori, Talli). DPS was also in the wings ready to go. Short trek and add clear and we were ready. Quick explanation caught everybody up and we started. First attempt-boom 29%. Not phase 2 but an excellent start. Second attempt-blam 14%. People now had seen the whole fight. Next-5%. Next-4.8%. Next .4% (heartbreaker here but was a bad call on my part). Next-one dead double headed fatty.

Everything about the raid was spot on for a kill. We knew we had it in our hands last night and it was ours to lose the whole time. To be honest, I felt extremely disheartened when Wolf lost power. I thought for sure losing a healer so late in the night and bringing in fresh blood was going to hurt. I thought the magic was dead. Much like the Giants having to go to Hostetler in the 1990 season, Clash didn't disrupt the flow at all. Two attempts later and Cho'Gall was finished.

The depth NERV showed tonight was amazing. People kept their cool the whole fight despite crazy moments of bad worships or tank drops. Tanks swapped jobs easily and executed well no matter their position. Interrupt efficiency shot up and DPS was nutty good. Congrats to us all and we're happy to enjoy our new dark phoenix mounts.
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