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  So how many times DO we have to kill Onyxia? -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  May 11, 2011  by 

After some intense effort over the past 2 weeks or so, Nefarion and his little cohort twat Onyxia are dead . . again. One of the few fights so far in Cata where tank overload works well.

Our BWD runs lately have gotten so fast, it seemed a shame to simply wave at Nef and walk out night after night. So, we decided to start putting in some effort on him. Learning from the WOTLK situation of beating our heads in on Sindragosa for weeks and then facerolling Professor, it seemed like a good idea. Sure enough, it was. Nef was getting beat up fairly well in the early half-hearted attempts so they soon transitioned into real ones. Cho'Gall's two heads meanwhile were put on hold to bicker amongst themselves.

After we tried him more and more, the progress seemed good. With good consistency, I was usually on Ony, G was on adds and Lep on Nef over the course of multiple nights. There was some play in this with Ikar on adds and there was a lot of rotation on the healers. Unlike Cho'Gall where everybody and their mother has to do 20 things right, Nef is all about a few people doing things spot on. Tank properly, heal through predictable bursts and interrupt adds on the pillars. Get those down, Nef dies. After a 7% wipe last night, we smelled the fresh air at the end of the tunnel. We knew we'd get him if we made it past that last crackle at 10%. With a little pep talk, next attempt was a kill and we're now 6/6 in BWD.
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