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  Al'Akir gets jihaded -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  March 11, 2011  by 

Ahh yes. The avatar of wind. The sultan of aerial slams. The poobah of wind poofs. The dickhead of the doldrums. He was next on our hitlist after beating his 3 little cronies and making out with a 50/50 usage of the random drops those guys have. We've mostly ignored Nef but have been putting time in on Cho'Gall and Al'Akir for a bit. The majority of our "end boss" time has been on Al. Despite some absolutely atrocious fights vs him on and off, we've done okay at getting him into phase 3 with our lowest attempt at 10%.

Unlike Cho'Gall, what held us back on Al'Akir was pure derp. Herple derple snerple derping hi ho it's off the platform we go. It was boiling down to a simple matter of not failing to tornadoes and trying hard not to get your positions wrong so that you'd chain the lightning to other groups. We usually saw phase 2 but typically we couldn't always push out of it.

Last night's Conclave run was a total dream. The 10 of us walked in, buffed and basically started heading right to our normal platforms. No setup was required at all. We just went in, split up and decimated the trio quickly in a one shot. After sharding the random loot (I think one piece got used), we flew over to Al's platform. Spots were given out quickly and we went. Amazingly right from the very first shot we got into phase 3. The majority of the night was spent working on the mechanics of phase 3 rather than failing at 1 and 2. Slowly the Al attempts got better but not by much. 10-7% was usually the cut off. We tried a few methods of handling the floating but most didn't work out amazingly well. Finally, we basically went for an every man for himself style as long as we stayed on the same vertical height and near healers. With about 1/2 to 3/4 of the raid up, we got him below 7% and then, achingly slow, we killed him. Al marks the first instance end boss we've killed in Cata minus of course the PVP one. Our guess is Cho'Gall will be next and then we'd be sitting pretty at 11/12 in current content.
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