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  A dazzling display of dead dragons -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  February 2, 2011  by 

I am thinking they should rename us into something with "dragonkiller" in the title. In 2 back to back nights, we took care of the derp blind dragon in BWD and now the dazzling drake duo in Twi Bas. Perhaps we will be dragon killers for hire for some new gron faction.

Last night, we had 2 groups go 2 different ways. During a quick officer meeting last night, there was some opposing ideas for raids. Try and do more work in Twi Bas or farm bosses we've killed in BWD. We had enough people to support both ideas so that's what we did. One group went to BWD and got down to Atramedes while another group went into Twi Bas. Halfus didn't have a bad drake combo so we knew both instances would be viable.

Last night's Halfus was the first time we hadn't had to deal with the shadow nova since we started fighting him. The trash was a breeze and Halfus himself was supposed to go smoothly. The mortal strikes gave the healers some challenge but we pushed through it and we got the most interesting kill on him ever. With the majority of the raid dead and all tanks down, the remaining DPS killed him for his last 2-3% during a stun from the slate dragon. After his rather lucky death, we tackled the dragon trash for the first time and made our way through an easy gauntlet. It included a TON of trash off to the side and made us wonder if it was a trap. Easily avoidable trash and a boss ahead freaked us out.

We started the double drake queens with a limited amount of knowledge of them. We knew what was coming on paper but this is one of those fights you need to experience first hand to get a good idea. After a few attempts, we learned the fight pretty well and knew how to adjust to their abilities. They actually aren't very hard. Sure there's a few things to fail on both an individual and raid level but the fight is fun and each attempt got better and better until they both joined recently deceased Atramedes in the dragon bone yard.
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