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  The fleshrender has another failure -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  January 24, 2011  by 

Oh Maloriak. Known for his string of experimentation failures, he failed to prevent us from killing him last night. This odd combination of a super sized worgen and hollow Ichigo from non dubbed Bleach did his best to try and experiment on us. He delighted in trying to freeze us and cook us alive. Unfortunately for him, he didn't learn much from his extreme temperature work.

The fight is pretty fun and not overly complex. We had a sound plan on him for awhile. Killing him was basically going to hinge on how the final phase was handled. We'd been properly letting out 9 adds twice which left us with only the 2 prime adds to work with during the last phase. The biggest key was living through it. Thanks to the keen eye of some people, they noticed the Maloriak tank wasn't being knocked up in the air like I was. They also found out what was his tell before he did the ability that kept knocking me around. The first several shots were easy to avoid but I got hit with some later ones when the kiting area got a little tight. We were able to put him down and spend some time working on one of Maloriak's experiments named Atramedes. Atra will be a fun fight. There's lots of things to get dinged with in that fight but we've already seen everything he can throw at us.
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