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Nervous System -- News
  Two new bosses for 25 man ICC -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  October 20, 2010  by 

After skipping last week due to patch night, NERV and WaP returned to ICC 25 man last night for the first time with the new lockout system. The way it works now, 25 and 10 man bosses share a lock out so you can not doe the first 6 bosses in ICC 25 and then have a fresh 10 man available to you. You would have to join one with those same 6 dead. This isn't too bad for somebody with alts but can greatly shorten the raid week of those with just 1 main.

This was the first 25 man we've had since the 4.01 patch. Tanks were solid last night but healing was a bit sparse as we had to scrap to put together 5 for the raid. With the exception of Blood Queen, it handled the load pretty well. (Gah stupid me just realized I should have tanked BQ and made Tiger heal) The raid moved along very fast thanks to a new combination of holding all loot until wings end and the DPS just murdered everything in its path. A vote was held on which boss to try after the first wing and Putri was picked. We went against him with the typical no-move, 25 man style and beat him easily. With the solid amount of time left on the night and spirits high, we went back to BQ.

We'd tried her on and off in our 25 mans for weeks now. We had some good attempts and some bad ones involving blood whirls and vampire failures. Last night was no exception as we still had blood whirl issues but the vampire problem was mostly fixed. One attempt saw her getting down under 1% but she was berzerk and we wiped. Next attempt was about 4% when she went nuts and ate us. Finally, we had a solid one with very limited deaths and decimated her for the first time. Putri will likely be easy in the future but BQ is still going to present a challenge. Onward to Sindragosa now.
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