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Nervous System -- News
  Kingslayer wot? Kingslayer who? -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  June 29, 2010  by 

NERV set a new high last night inside ICC 10. After several weeks of work (mostly Tues/Sun with some Mondays thrown in), NERV completed ICC 10 by killing the Lich Ling. Aside from us killing him in typical NERV fashion (right on what would have been the last attempt of the night), we did do something atypical. He was the first fully end game boss that NERV has killed while it was still the highest boss of the expansion/game.

High raid bosses are no stranger to NERV at all. We killed Ragnaros in vanilla, broke Vashj's shields, used Kael Thas' weapons against him and even killed AnubArak when he was the top bug of WOTLK. Killing Arthas however is a new milestone for us as he is officially, the end of the game currently until Cataclysm. Sure, there is heroic LK and 25 LK, but he is without a doubt, the last thing of the game (exception of course for Hallion when that drops). This is akin to killing C'thun/Kel Thuzad in vanilla or Kil'jaedan in TBC.

Teams of people have been banging away on this guy for several weeks now. We've been pulling this ID out of the dust for about 2 or 3 weeks or so. We killed Sindra and Professor awhile back and decided to keep running this ID out until LK was dead. Professor was every easy for us but Sindra had been taking us awhile. It will be interesting to see what happens with Prof and Sindy the next time we face them.

Currently-10 people in the guild have the Kingslayer title and can pull out heroic 10 man bosses. Druidicus, Tigerbane, DrWolf, Oricalcon, Akkia, Chambragne, Hellpriest, Mjog, Achelois, Mishima. Despite dying twice to LK's final phase for me, it was a fantastic attempt that I knew was going to be the kill. Me being dead allowed me to really watch timers and direct traffic a bit better and there was no need for another tank to be alive. Everybody did a good job of avoiding the falling spirits for the remaining percentage of his health. At 10%, the scripted event kicked in and those of us who knew about it were already celebrating our kill.

Bloodhoof is down today to 24 hour maintenance but hopefully we have Ruby Sanctum to look forward to tomorrow.

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