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  Good news everybody! You kicked my ass! -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  June 9, 2010  by 

Ahh good old professor. He taunted us mercilessly throughout the plague quarter. His two ugly as shit genetic experiments used to be somewhat challenging. Now, he along with his two farting guards are part of ICC history.

A few months ago, we tried Putricide one night after our first kill of Rotface. It was late and we didn't get to do much with him. Even though he was right there, we chose other paths in ICC that led us to Sindragosa and the tampon queen instead. In retrospect, we maybe should have worked on him earlier.

After finally shutting up Arthas' favorite mount (poor guy, he must not get out a whole lot), we wandered over to Putri for the first time in months. We were armed with Poca, Cow and Ache knowing the fight fairly well. With the explanations out of the way, we got our first attempt in on him. It went well but we lost him during the last phase. We tried again adjusting when the tanks toggled from each other and it worked out well. He dies extremely easy and required 200 times less effort than Sindra did. He's a fun fight with a lot interesting, but easy DDR mechanics. Unlike Sindra, I think the professor will definitely be on the easy farm list.
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