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  As your magic betra *choke choke* SHUT UP! -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  June 9, 2010  by 

Man. . . we're we tired of hearing this bitch. This is one boss in ICC 10 that we've put a lot of time into. It is also one that is likely haunting most of us in our nightmares. Along with Deathwhisper, she is one of the most incredibly annoying women to listen to.

With the possible future exception of Lich King, we spent more time on Sindra than any other boss in ICC. Our recent attempts have been some what hampered due to us often fighting her on Sunday and getting cut short to go to ICC 25. Last night however, we resumed last week's ID and went to work on her directly. It was a very good call as we got her down for the first time. We had several close attempts including one that saw her down to about 8%. We'd been saving the bloodlust for later on in the phase and after seeing how the attempts were going, the call was made to be less conservative with it. We fired off the BL earlier on and it made a huge difference. With some lucky stack clearing by me, we toggled tanks better than before and she dropped like a rock. The healers didn't feel quite as much pressure as they had on previous attempts either. I can't say yet that she will be easy going forward but I think the shift in the bloodlust made it a whole lot easier.
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