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  Festergut 25-still ugly as sin -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  April 9, 2010  by 

In our first night of attempting him since trying it with Parabola, NERV and Mutiny beat down 25 man Festergut last night. We almost one shotted him but hit the enrage timer with 6% health left on him.

The group went through ICC25 last night as fast as the previous week. We had decided to hit up the frost giant weekly last time. This week, we got the free badge from Sister and decided to spend the remaining time with either Fester or Rot. Since Fester was a straight burn and the DPS was there, we decided to hit him up. The first attempt had us getting the ugly bastard to about 6% when the enrage hit. We lost Ori to a disconnect and had 3 tanks in. This hurt the DPS a small bit. We picked ourselves up and went back a 2nd time and got him. Slag was tanking him with 8 stacks on Thel when Slag died. Thel picked him up but instead of racing vs the enrage timer on this one, we had to kill him before Thel got 10 stacks and exploded. Thel got up to 9, we killed him and my game crashed. Fortunately, it crashed the split second after he died so I was able to get the credit for it.
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