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  Time for the healers to play God -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  March 26, 2010  by 

This week has been pretty bad thanks to the small patch we had on Tuesday. We raided that night but were slowed terribly due to the high pings and lag we experienced. The next night, the group that was about to go lost a tank and healer to login issues and they never came back. The patch issues had actually been masking a really positive change in the raiding the last 2 weeks but we didn't know this until last night.

Last night we resumed Tuesday's ID and totally destroyed Fester and Rot. We 2 healed Rot for the first time and it made a massive difference. We one shotted it and the fight seemed over before it began. We ran over to Fester and did our normal healing and that one went perfect too. The speed of those 2 kills actually left us in a bit of a quandary. What to do next? We didn't have the right load out for princes so we decided Valith would be the best shot.

Each attempt kept getting better than the last. We had learned a great deal about the fight the last time we tried. This time we were really prepared for it and Ache did a great job tanking on his pally. DPS was really good on the priority system. In a new twist, it seemed rot worms were the biggest annoyance. Our last attempt was tough but a well timed bloodlust went out and we topped off our drake friend and she proceeded to wipe the area of baddies. Afte she was down, since they were still a lot of raiding time left, we went through the suprise buttsecks room under her and actually took a few reasonable attempts on Sindra. This is likely going to be our next focus and she is considered right in line behind the LK.
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