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  The three princes don't want to give you flowers -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  March 19, 2010  by 

So go ahead now.... God I hated that song yet I always think of it for this fight (yes I know it was TWO princes).

We'd tried the princes a few times over the last month or so. We'd gotten a little schizo for awhile working on both farming Fester/Rot while also trying princes and Valith. It spread the focus a little too thin. As both groups that went this week were very fast, we decided to try princes again. We had our 2 best people for it in the same raid so the conditions seemed ideal.

We began work on him and it we still had the "drop Stoner on his face" issues. This time it was before Kel was empowered so that was a bad sign. We swapped healers around and things got better in a flash. The attempts were very good as we continued to get them down further than we had and we passed our best attempt. As the night wore on, we saw the initial mobs respawn out in the core area. We shot passed them fast and got back into the princes room.

This attempt had some pressure on it as we didn't want any respawns or have to worry about the old wipe/rez in the same spot. Everything went great on this attempt and we slowly, but surely dropped the princes. We didn't seem to have the big hurdles anymore which was usually keeping Stoner alive when Kel was empowered. We still had several bugged beach balls that almost made us want to stop attempts on these guys.
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