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  Rotface can rot in hell -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  March 2, 2010  by 

Rotface has been vexing us for some time. We had actually tried him first when this wing was released. After a few attempts we focused on Festergut and stuck with him more often because we started killing him easy. When group 2 got up to Rotface on Sunday night and got him down to 2%, It seemed like the time was nigh to kill him.

Group 1 went in tonight to clean up a little bit more on the ID. Most of the original group was available with some slight changes. Seker was back for the first time in awhile and I brought my druid instead of hunter tonight. We stood outside his doorway with me thinking "Oh fuck. Two druids tanking." After the initial attempts we did awhile ago, we learned pallies do much better on slime tanking. We avoid druid tanks for this fight over the next few weeks. So we gave it a shot and it was easy tonight for me to kite the slime without issues.

After several attempts including a few good ones, we wanted to make a slight change. I took the boss, Tiger went heals, Seker went DPS and Ache brought his pally in to tank. this change resulted in us killing him after a minor amount of attempts. With the exception of one early death, everybody survived the fight and fail conditions seemed minimal. Absolutely excellent job.

Once Rot was down, we went over to Fester with several new healers, in terms of the fight, in tow. People performed remarkably with us taking two attempts only because of a botched run back after spores created a large group of puking melee. The next attempt was flawless and rounded out the night perfectly.
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