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Nervous System -- News
  NERV takes a heroic leap forward -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  February 18, 2010  by 

We'd been favoring ICC lately over ToGC mostly because we're catching up and playing around with the new wings. With small vacations in 25s and Sarth 3D runs for drakes and titles on alts, we've been working on ICC heavily to snag some dead boss trophies. In recent weeks, we've had a surge of interest in ToGC again and it has netted us an amazing night.

I'd been out of town most of last week and the raids continued to do well. After I got back, we decided to give ToGC another shot and see what happened. Previously, Jaraxxus was our cock block. This night however, things seemed to be going well. We did get 2 bitches from a portal in the first wipe but we quickly remedied that by putting Titrim alone on the boss and making sure no DPS stayed behind for interrupts. This dropped the portals faster and we never got behind after that.

After Jaraxxus, we faced the daunting task of the PVP champs. This is usually where people stall for a bit dating as far back as the release of ToC. With a change of me bringing in Mega for mortal strike and some healing swaps, a heroic battle was fought (pun intended) and we finally dropped them with minimal people left alive. After the PVP bosses got done slamming our faces in, we got set for the Twins. This fight wasn't too bad as we really only wiped once in learning it. This one I think presented the least amount of issues once we adapted to the new debuff.

After clearing all 4 bosses, our friend the Lich King blasted the floor away yet again and we dropped on heroic Anub. This one didn't hold any surprises as we'd been aware of this fight for weeks. The first attempt was sketchy as it seemed we were all DPSing Anub and had nothing going on the bugs. We organized better but mostly what killed us was the bugs shadowstepping right into Steve's kidneys. Taking out a key healer each time was rough. Since it was late, we stopped and will resume the ID with a nice 38 attempts or so left on the ticker. If we do it with more than 25, we'll have a new boss and a tribute to boot.
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