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  Festergut gets kicked in the teeth -- World of Warcraft News
  Posted  January 25, 2010  by 

I'm not exactly sure which mouth we used to kick his teeth in but we certainly picked one and stuck with it.

We worked on him briefly when this wing first came out. It was done late after we tried Rotface for awhile and I didn't feel we really got a good look at Fester. We started working on him in earnest this week and we really had our first good experience with him on Thursday. We learned what should make up a good group for it.

I was really confused from Thursday night. I seemed to outgear the other pally tank heavily but I always wound up splatting easier than him. We also suffered greatly at not having a pally healer that night. Tonight was better in the healing dept but we still had a druid filling a tanking spot. We got to Fester with ease and prepped up. The early attempts tended to yield about the same progress as Thursday. Right around his blight things would go sour. Earlier in the week, it was a mana issue for some healers. Tonight, it was usually me either not getting all my inoculation or the healing was intense enough to not even being able to spare a GCD (a la old Patchy back in the day).

We got an attempt going where we passed the first blight and I looked around and everybody was still sitting there. Tanks were up . . DPS was up. Healers were still cranking away and I thought okay this is it. As the fight progressed, my mouse hand actually got clammy and I don't think I can ever remember that happening. I got so focused on the little health bars of grid, zombie Elvis could have taken a shit on my head and I doubt I'd have noticed. The tanks transitioned well the whole way and he died with a huge amount left on his berserk timer. We knew from Thursday DPS wouldn't be the issue, it'd be tanks and heals. Sure enough, DPS made an encore performance and the rest fell into place for the kill.
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